STARTBOARD visited One-Forty

STARTBOARD team at One-Forty office

is well known in Taiwan for their contribution to the ASEAN migrant’s community. On 12th April, STARTBOARD team has a chance to meet Kevin Chen 陳凱翔, the co-founder of One-Forty. To contribute to the conversation regarding the inspiration and experience in working with ASEAN community, we were honored to join in the exhibition named “ 600,000 Journeys:六十萬個旅程;六十萬個故事” in Huashan Creative Park.



STARTBOARD members with One-Forty Team


We are impressed by the stories from Indonesian migrants in Taiwan, aside from the display of work describing the daily life, the custom of Indonesian. More specially, it’s touching seeing the wall of notes showing the thankfulness for migrant contribution and the understanding of their difficulties.
It strengthens STARTBOARD team’s belief and passion that together, we can create more values for the society.

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