2017 G.G.C. Enterprise Interview

Last week, on May 13th, STARTBOARD and GGC successfully hosted 2017 G.G.C Enterprise Interview. This event is not only a chance for International Students to listen and learn from the guests’ stories but also a chance to introduce themselves and to drop the CV for job seeking.

In this event, we were so proud of our batch 1 Team Aimazing for their first product demonstration in Taipei, Taiwan. They have showed to all the guests that hard work paid off and nothing could stop us to achieve the dreams.


Also, during this event, the team has officially presented each member. Our team has a diversity of background and nationalities which strengthen our motto:” Together For Better”. Each member brings to STARTBOARD their own story while they decided to work in STARTBOARD, which we hope can motivate the young to get out of the comfort zone and contribute more to the communities.

STARTBOARD with mentors and partners from:  Louis Group, KPMG Taiwan, TRONXIN Accelerator, Taiwan Start-Up Hub, Committee of Communications, Industry Development Ministry of Economic Affairs,
Interaction session between guests and students

We would like to send our many thanks to all the professors, CEO, GM and others honor guests for bring to the event their experiences, their observation and advices, also their own inspiring stories. Without you, the event might have not be that successful. We are deeply obliged for all the support.


Honor Guests Group Pictures

“Each of us has a spark of life inside us, and our highest endeavor ought to be to set off that spark in one another.”
– Kenny Ausubel

Eugene Chien, Chairman, Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy

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