Forum for ASEAN-Indian startups held in Taipei

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Event for promoting ASEAN-Indian Start Ups in Taiwan was held with attendance of some high profile companies last Saturday.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — On Saturday, May 13 an event was hosted by the Global Brands Management Association GGC club Taipei in the Cosmos Hotel to promote ASEAN-Indian startups in Taiwan.

The local incubator STARTBOARD was present with its existing batch members, including team Aimazing, Research Stash, Dong You and Think Tank, all ASEAN-Indian start up companies.

The event saw senior executives of some multinational companies such as Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cathay Bank, Esun Bank to name a few in attendance. Senior professors and executives also delivered motivational speeches to the international students present there.

The event boasted startup teams that were based inside and outside of Taiwan looking for support and opportunities in the Taiwan market. The startup teams were each given the chance to introduce their companies and business plans in front of the forum.

The agenda of this event attracted many young international students from ASEAN countries and India. Many were motivated to start their own business plan in Taiwan while some were interested in first getting internships or jobs. The agenda also included time for students to briefly introduce themselves to the companies and exchange business cards and CVs.

The event concluded with an opportunity for the international students to interact with members the startups to learn more about their businesses.


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