Meet STARTBOARD’s Inspirer

Today STARTBOARD would like to make a post on our blog for Professor. Louis Chen (陳春山), our beloved teacher and one of the biggest supporters for the team.

First time meeting with Professor, people are tend to be impressed by how humble and friendly he is. With smiles, Professor creates a cozy environment and he always knows how to lead the conversation.

Professor Louis Chen graduated his LL.M. in School of Law of University of Washington, USA and LL.D. in Faculty of Law of University of Ottawa, Canada.


With the interdisciplinary expertise background and enthusiasm to the young, Dr. Chen served as various roles in private, governmental and public sectors such as the Chairman of Public Television Service Foundation; the Chairman of Chinese Television System Corp.; the Professor in Faculty of Law, National Taipei University and the visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley (Institute of East Asian Studies) & National University of Singapore (Faculty of Law).


Not just that, He was the Commissioner of Broadcasting Affairs Commission, Government Information Office; the Commissioner of Financial Reforms Commission, Executive Yuan; the Director of Securities & Futures Investors Protection Center; Taipei and Commissioner, Legal Affairs Commission, Taipei City Government and Partner, Chen & Associates Law Firm and the Associate, Baker & McKenzie. He was the Consultant for Central Depository Insurance Company as well.


Currently, Dr. Chen serves as the professor of Institute of IP, National Taipei University of Technology and the Professor in Faculty of Law of National Taipei University. He also serves as the Vice Chairman in Corporate Governance Association, the Chairman of the Association of Developing Corporate Organization and of course,

With the major concern in brand and leadership developments for enterprises and NGOs’ management systems, Professor Louis Chen is still working on different projects for international students. His huge support for STARTBOARD is a great example.


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