Before the Dragon Festival, STARTBOARD had a chance to meet up Professor Shen from National Central University. He’s also the Director of YUNUS Centre in Taiwan.

The Yunus Centre, is a think tank for issues related to social business, working in the field of poverty alleviation and sustainability. It is ‘aimed primarily at promoting and disseminating Professor Yunus’ philosophy, with a special focus on social business and currently chaired by Prof. Muhammad Yunus. Its Executive Director is Ms. Lamiya Morshed.

After Prof. Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank received the Nobel Peace Prize in October 2006, a personal office for Prof. Yunus under the name of ‘Yunus Secretariat’ was formed. From the very beginning on, the Yunus Secretariat was mainly aiming at promoting Prof. Yunus’ philosophy of social business and served as a one-stop resource centre for anyone interested in social business.
In July 2008, it was renamed the Yunus Centre and continues to develop new social businesses, provide technical help to social business start-ups and liaise with anybody interested in the topic. They also publish a quarterly newsletter on new developments in the field of social business.

We started sharing the ideas of STARTBOARD with Professor and introduced to him our Batch 1 project’s Research Stash. Not only coming with a lot of questions for the team, Professor was also very passionate in giving us advices and comments to improve our ongoing progress.

We discussed more about the Southbound Policy and its potential for both Taiwan and other parties and extended to the challenges that we all have to deal with now about the talents, the funds and etc.

Gladly, STARTBOARD has Professor. Shen and YUNUS Taiwan’s support for further programs. We are looking forward to collaborating with Yunus soon.


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