Starting a productive week after the Dragon Boat Festival, STARTBOARD visited WISTRON ITS Taiwan.

The meeting was approximately 3 hours which contains the presentations sections and Q&A part.

We were so proud of Research Stash, H2U, Think Tank, Dong Yo, and Aimazing for such a great performance. Little by little, they noted all the advices from the mentors and improved the business plans. Although, there were still a lot of things need to be done, we believe hard work paid off.

Wistron Information Technology & Services (Wistron ITS), ranked as one of the largest language services providers (LSPs) in the translation and interpreting industry. Wistron ITS was named as the 26th largest globalization vendor in all of Asia.

“Being ranked as one of the leading brands in language services is a recognition to Wistron ITS globalization team." said Wistron ITS CEO, Dr. Ching Hsiao. “We have achieved a distinguished performance and success with some of the most reputable companies globally in the IT industry." he further added, “Asia has a promising globalization service market. Customers seeking globalization and localization services can count on our comprehensive staged services – from software design, development and translation, to post-production activities such as testing and desktop publishing."



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