STARTBOARD In NTU Garage Annual Meeting

On 7th June, STARTBOARD attended NTU Garage Annual Meeting.

NTU Garage, which has been started in 2013,  is a accelator program to nurture young entrepreneurs with hope of providing students and faculty with a friendly space to realize their innovative ideas. Start-ups that qualify for programs at the garage would enjoy various kinds of training and assistance for six months, with the overlapping period between applications and the program’s course designed to promote exchanges between the last group of participants and newcomers.

Participants receive legal and accounting consulting about setting up firms, as well as learn from experienced instructors. Participants also receive opportunities to demonstrate their products. As the young entrepreneurs might not have the money to set up an office, they can go to the NTU Garage to work .

STARTBOARD felt very honor to meet up with Minister Liang-Gee Chen, Ministry of technology and George Huang, Chairman of Acer.

We are looking forward to having more support and chances in the future, in order to provide our ASEAN-INDIA the best sources nurturing their innovative ideas.

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