The first day of the week and the last day of July!

Today STARTBOARD got a honored chance to pay a visit to Line Taiwan Office in Neihu area. We were so amazed by how LINE Taiwan office was arranged. The big open space with lots of nature light, so good drinking bar, big convenient meeting rooms with all the Line’s characters everywhere … it does not look like an office at all and it gives such a pleasure feeling to the coming guests.

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Sitting down together in a cozy room, STARTBOARD team and LINE’s representative Mr.Jen got a great time sharing from both sides on startups and startup ecosystem nowadays in Taiwan as well as globally. We got the same voices on so many concerns about the environment for startups to grow and how to encourage young entrepreneurs to explore their potentials.

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It was such a motivation for STARTBOARD  when we know that even big company like LINE also had program to give a hand on building a stronger startup ecosystem in Asia. The startup supporting program of the company called “LINE PROTOSTAR" – is designed to give a help for tech startups which are less than 5 years old, privately held and make less than 1 million USD in annuals earnings. LINE is aiming to transform its messaging app into a “smart portal" where users can retrieve content, services and information in chats or Channel Web Applications. To achieve this vision, the company is recruiting partners to build their applications and services on the LINE platform. LINE believes in building valuable long-term partnerships by helping startups grow and succeed.

The term “protostar" means the prototype of a star. LINE considers each startup is like a protostar, has the potential to become a large enterprise (supergiant star). The company’s idea is that by joining the program, the startup would have a chance to work with LINE to build applications using LINE’s platform and expand their business to LINE users. Protostar provides startup team access to free LINE Business Connect account for application development, for production services and technical consultant from LINE as well. The program is such a promising land for tech startup lovers!

For more details about LINE PROTOSTAR program, you can direct to the link

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