The IDEAS Show @APEC Innovation is an annual startup promotional program executed by the Institute of Informational Industry and entrusted by Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. IDEAS Show has been founded for 9 years, accumulating over 17 thousand audiences, 418 teams exhibiting and 289 teams joining the competition mostly are from Asia Pacific area. IMG_0424

On the IDEAS Show this year STARTBOARD is honored to be the partner of the big event and we got  one Vietnam start-up called Holomia to join the competition with their project Holocare. The team’s project attracted many attention of people came to IDEAS Show 2017, made their booth to be “The most popular award".


Entering the competition with the confidence, Holomia team had a great performance, convinced the audiences with their technology and got the prize of “International Participation Award". The solution which Holocare offers is how to apply the 3D technology, VR/AR/Mixed reality to 3D digitalization patients’ data from CT scan and then upload all these data to Holocare platform; therefore doctors can always access to the data using VR/AR glasses or mobile phone. All the data collected would be stored on Cloud with the hope of creating an online library for further research of medical industry.


Holocare is believed to bring a brighter future to the existing healthcare industry, connecting doctors from all over the world through one platform. Congrats Mr.Christ and his team for their successful performance at IDEAS Show this year!


Holomia now is the partner of STARTBOARD batch 1 team Innoviz. They are cooperating in finding a way to bring the technology to construction industry. For the future plan, Alex’s team will focus more on VR real estate and car show room in Taiwan as well as China.

With the goal of expanding and supporting startup ecosystem, STARTBOARD always pay attention to startups not only in Taiwan but also in ASEAN countries, India … We can help to take your project to the international level just like Holomia. Other than a startup incubator, we hope to connect the startup system in Asia and bring countries closer by cooperation.

Keep supporting STARTBOARD and the startup ecosystem!


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