Team Vnimation!!

Being the first 3D architectural visualization & animation Company in Hanoi, Vietnam, are specialized in producing all 3D products including 3D Stills and 3D Animation, 3D Models, 3D interactive and TVC…

With nearly 10 years’ experience in field of 3D producing and consulting, Vnimation believes in product knowledge and the trust of customers.

Team Follia VR!!

As Team Follia VR aims to create and improve virtual interaction space allowing the viewer to use their computer, laptop, tablet or HTC VIVE to view into the VR space with complete freedom to move and interact. Team Follia and Team Vnimation discovered their common ground and decided to take a step further in their journey to become excellent entrepreneurs by joining hands and creating the new joint venture Team Innoviz.

STARTBOARD is happy to have been able to create this collaboration. With the help of our resources that we provide to our batches and teams both team Vnimation and Follia could recognize their common ground. We provide meetings and events to help our batch mates socialize and get to know each other more. Through one of our such sessions we were able to help create team Innoviz.

“We are very thankful and happy to be a part of STARTBOARD which helps companies and startups who are interested in ASEAN & India market to start or expand their business”- Vincent, Partner, Innoviz.

STARTBOARD is very proud and happy for both the teams and would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to their new endeavor. We wish Team Innoviz all the luck and success.



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