A new era of Vietnamese Startups in Taiwan

Taipei city hosted an event for all the Vietnamese startups in Taiwan


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – An event in Taipei saw a lot of Vietnamese startups in Taiwan coming together to share their experiences and ideas about Taiwan and Vietnam.

The event was held on Sunday, July 23 in Taipei CLBC the Flagship and was hosted by a startup incubator in Taipei called STARTBOARD.

STARTBOARD claims to be the first ASEAN-India incubator in Taiwan and already has several international startups from India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand under its belt.


The event saw a number of new Vietnamese startups in Taiwan coming together and sharing their journey and talking about the challenges faced by them as a startup in Taiwan.

“We are very proud to present our teams and host this event with all our partners here tonight; our main goal is to promote as many startups in Taiwan as possible. We currently have 5 to 10 startups coming from different backgrounds working with us. We hope through events like this we can make greater collaborations and discover more hidden talents in Taiwan,” said Mr. Uniform Lin (林致孚), COO of STARTBOARD.


The key highlight of the event was new joint ventures between Taiwanese startups and Vietnamese startups.

Attendees varied from skilled professionals to fresh graduates. Some international students who own startups in their home country also attended the event as they were interested in expanding their business here in Taiwan and its neighboring countries.


The event was co-organized by CLBC, Contact Taiwan, TXA, and Formosa Maker Space to name a few.




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