On 3rd August, STARTBOARD had a chance to welcome students from Beijing. As the students attended Summer Course in Taiwan, as their professor was interested in STARTBOARD and felt that STARTBOARD’s concept were suitable for an educational trip. Therefore, COO and Founder of STARTBOARD, Uniform Lin and, Project Manager of STARTBOARD, Charlotte Wang headed the group for a little tour around STARTBOARD’s working spaces.


Uniform Lin and Charlotte Wang were the ones to lead the team and show them around our working space. The group started the tour from iFoundry, one of STARTBOARD office. Located in GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center, iFoundry is a lovely, comfortable place suitable for meeting and working. It has several individual rooms enough for more than 15 companies with quite environment.


Then the group took a little walk to iStaging located in Taiwan Air Force (TAF) Innovation Base. iStaging exhibits VR technology to its visitors, e.g. they have  a current project called Smart City. It’s always open for public, anyone who may be interested in future technology are always welcome to visit.

The group then moved to BeingLab where various interesting technology by Acer is put on exhibition. Followed by visiting Happier Lab, a lovely café where every single thing are made from recycles.

Lastly, the group visited our common workspace for STARTBOARD and Dong Yo, one of our current team who specializes in consulting for investors interested in expanding abroad through distinctive designing and planning. Uniform Lin briefly introduced STARTBOARD and Chen-Yeh Chiang, CEO and sFounder of Dong Yo to the group.


The tour ended with some very interesting questions and inquiries raised by the students. STARTBOARD was very excited and glad to have hosted these brilliant students from Beijing and hope to host more of such groups in the future!


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