On July, STARTBOARD team had a chance to visit  Tran Thi Hoang Phuon, a lecturer of Vietnamese at National Chengchi University, who serves as chief of DPP New Immigrants’ committee. This committee is under the DPP and launched as a part of the New Southbound Policy of President Tsai Ing Wen. The 12-member committee is composed of new immigrants, scholars and experts, according to the party.  

Teacher Tran has lived in Taiwan with her family for many years, so she experienced both pros and cons of being an immigrant in Taiwan. She supported STARTBOARD in the aspect of helping the ASEAN students and startup. We hope in the future, we can work with her and her team in more inspiring projects.

It’s warm-hearting conversation with Teacher Tran and her husband about how to contribute the society.
STARTBOARD team with one of 10 iconic people in Taipei
Sharing more information about our STARTBOARD


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