STARTBOARD launched on 21st September

Firstly we would like to thank all our honorable guests, friends and well wishers who attended our opening ceremony. We feel so honored and blessed to have received all your blessings that helped STARTBOARD reach the place it has today.

Professor Chen Chun Shan, Chairman of Global Brand Management Association delivering the welcome speech and introducing the values of STARTBOARD
STARTBOARD’s team and first internal collaboration team Innoviz’s partner Alex Nguyen delivering their speech and how STARTBOARD helped them find partner in a foreign land.

Team STARTBOARD has worked very hard for this day, making sure everything was well organized and coordinated. Our grand opening ceremony took place on Sept 21 at the Taipei 101. Our mentor, guide, Chairperson Professor Chen Chun-Shan was with us throughout the event and very graciously hosted all the guests and friends who came to show us their support.


We would like to thank our panelist (From right to left) Lin Li-Chan, Legislator and Taiwanese politician of Cambodian descent, Yu Wan-Ru Legislator, Professor Chen Chun-Shan, Chairman of Global Brand Management Association, Lee Chi-Hsien, chairman of Taiwan Stock Exchange, and Henry Yeh, Corporate Vice President of ASUS, who each in their own way expressed their support to building a global environment and nurturing international talent. Each panelist delivered a highly motivating speech which also mentioned their vision of global market in Taiwan.

Mr Gince Mattam (Left), Deputy Director General of India-Taipei Association.
Mr Kahirul Iskandar(Right), Director General-Affairs of the Malaysian Friendship and Trade Center with STARTBOARD’s volunteer Amber.

Lastly, to the team and the volunteers who assisted us on the opening day, without the help of whom the day would not have been as successful as it is now. Thank you all for your hard work and support. Let’s work together towards achieving our goals and making Taiwan a global business environment and dynamic place to live and work in.


One thought on “STARTBOARD launched on 21st September

  1. Really wonderful event to be a part of! Starboard is going to be such a great addition to the Taiwan startup communities and has a clear vision and strategy to cooperate from Taiwan to Vietnam, ASEAN to India! Look forward to long term collaboration with Starboard!


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