STARTBOARD welcomes the amazing Halal.TW into the big family

Halal.TW is a platform to let users living their best in the Islamic-friendly environment in Taiwan. This project aims to deliver the possible system and experience for everyone to explore Halal things in Taiwan via a mobile app (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone).


The included services are, providing guidelines to users, leading them to Halal food products, prayer spaces, tourism destinations… and importantly, connecting Muslim community together in Taiwan.

This app is developed by Muslim students from different background and nationalities; therefore, multiple- languages will be another advantage for Halal.TW to grow.

Right now, Halal.Taiwan supports languages including Traditional Mandarin, Bahasa, English and will soon be upgraded to Arabic and Urdu.

Halal.TW is planning to build its network and expand the market to the whole Taiwan since many core team members are currently studying in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

“ We figure out that, either for Muslim  immigrants or Muslim foreign students, it is not easy at first to look for Halal food products, pray rooms or Halal restaurants in Taiwan so we come up with this idea just to help Muslim community,” said Nur Najman Ade Putra, co-founder of  Halal.TW, according to Metro Xinwen.


This APP is designed with 4 fundamental values :

  • Easy to set up : Available FOR FREE, just search for “Halal.TW" on App Store or Google Play.
  • On the go : The app features offline sync, no need Internet connection.
  • Connect socially : Give contribution for the society, share your findings and your reviews about  venues, you will get rewarded later.
  • Support dedicately : Always assist whenever you need.

Taiwan is now ranked the 7th best destination for Muslim travelers outside the Organization of Islamic Cooperation by Mastercard and CrescentRating, a leading rating service on halal travel and tourism. That is why Taiwan becomes a promising ground for more Muslim startups to stamp into.

However, Muslim community in Taiwan still encounter many issues about Halal certification information, which is difficult to authenticate, as well as the lack of interactive Muslim spaces and platforms.

Through Halal.TW app, the team hopes that every Muslim can quickly find the adjacent Halal friendly services so that when you come to Taiwan, you can feel at ease and find it convenient to integrate into.

The team will continue to optimize the map information system, improve the construction of Muslim exchange learning platform, complete Halal certification one-stop service, provide Halal commodity electricity business platform, also the financial system to make Halal.TW – the first Halal services ecosystem in Taiwan.

Halal.TW app is now ready for users to download.

Stay tune about Halal.TW’s update at the here

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