STARTBOARD is very excited and delighted to announce its new collaboration with Indian partner Startups Club.


Startups club are based in India and are an Open, Collaborative and Inclusive platform for Back-of-the-napkin Stage to Growth Stage Startups. They work with over 20,000 members across the World to help them with Knowledge, Growth and Investment. Startups club is our first collaboration in India and we just can not contain the excitement.

Through our collaboration in India, we will be able to provide our startup teams as well as our partner’s startup teams a whole new avenue to explore. From our international collaboration, opportunities such as, international networking, insight to potential market abroad, 100% authentic and trustworthy guidance and assistance in the early stage of expanding the business outside the respective home country are just some of the key services that will be made available. Our motto is to provide complete assistance here in Taiwan as well as across borders because we truly believe innovation has no boundaries or limits!!

Congratulations to everybody from team STARTBOARD and team Startups Club!!! Thank you everyone, who supported us and continue to support us in this endeavour.

STARTBOARD welcomes team Startups club to join our team of multinational and multicultural talents.

Come be a part of this dynamic community!

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