STARTBOARD welcomes Team Abxtracto on board!!


STARTBOARD has yet another team on board with us who shares the same vision as STARTBOARD. We welcome Team Abxtracto into our Startup family and look forward to starting a wonderful and fruitful journey together.

AbXtracto is an all on one platform for your research needs. Embark your research journey with AbXtracto. AbXtracto provides you with the essence of your research curiosity with a simple flip. Learn new topics of your research interest anytime, anywhere and every day through its interactive app and web-based platform.

Why should you choose Abxtracto?

  • Daily review of updated publications
  • Lack of motivation to visit sites web-of-science, Scopus etc daily
  • Unable to find the connection between industry-academia

“The four-step guide for using Abxtracto is: Relax, Refresh, Flip and Research,” said Co-founder Tanmay Kundu.

The APP features,

-To Go research tool available at hand any time or place

-Updated research on your desired topics

-Summarized content with less than 100 words

-Swipe right option for full paper access

-Swipe left for customized setting options to suit your own style

-Bookmark to generate a list of reading from your PC

Congratulations to everybody from team STARTBOARD and team Abxtracto!!! Thank you, everyone, who supported us and continue to support us in this endeavour.

STARTBOARD welcomes team Abxtracto to join our team of multinational and multicultural talents.

Abxtracto APP will be soon available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free downloading.

Stay tuned for more details on Abxtracto!


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