STARTBOARD and Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF), the first Socialized and Non-profit Fund to support startups in Vietnam, officially make our commitment to work together to internationalise professional service and connect the startup community in both Taiwan and Vietnam.

As part of our ongoing efforts to grow and expand international opportunities in STARTBOARD’s target regions ASEAN – India market specifically in Vietnam, we hope there will be more collaboration to share our best practice in the professional services. This partnership will facilitate batch member development, improve support for international audiences and help both organizations provide an excellent incubation experience.

We welcome anyone who is interested in gaining more knowledge about Vietnam entrepreneurial culture and contributing to build up the startup ecosystem to pay a visit to Startup Vietnam Foundation official website, as well as STARTBOARD website for further info.

SVF now supports creating and developing innovation programs for startup ecosystem, engaging with other stakeholders such as universities, incubators, co-working spaces, laboratories, mentor communities, investor clubs, local and international enterprises.
SVF also empowers provincial ecosystem by sharing framework, transferring knowledge, developing communities, enhancing local advocate competencies.

SVF Website :

With this collaboration, we officially have a partner in Vietnam and hopefully we can cooperate with more and more different organization, startup incubators or accelerators in Asia to create a better startup ecosystem for everyone !!



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