STARTBOARD exposes to more young talents of the new markets.

STARTBOARD would like to show our appreciation to everyone who always support our idea and goal. That means a lot to us! We look forward to more people joining us and together creating a more friendly environment for all the talents who wants to start a startup in Taiwan.

Jen Lin – Operation Manager of STARTBOARD was sharing the experience and our mission to more local students about South East Asia and India’s market.

In Vision 2018 – National Taiwan University, we met with local students who were looking for more opportunities in South East Asia and India but still got hesitation and questions.

Entering to a brand new market is a challenge especially for foreign startups so the ability of generating right resources as well as right timing is truly important.  A well-planned and strategic plan for expansion is the must-have but still always be alert of the ever-changing environment.

STARTBOARD hopes to narrow the gap between local Taiwanese business and international partners in order to help more talents to adapt to new climate with reliable, transparent connections.




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