Startup Forum: Biomedical Startup Developments in Asia-Pacific Markets

On 12, June 2018 STARTBOARD will co-organize the startup forum in National Taipei University of Technology, focusing on biomedical industry development of emerging markets in Asia.

There’re three main contexts in this forum: quality management in biomedical industry, how biomedical firms tap into Southeast Asian markets, and ASEAN teams’ first-hand experiences to start up business in Taiwan.


We’re honored to invite STARTBORD’s mentor, professor Fang, to take the floor, talking about development in medical appliances as well as relevant business model innovation!

Professor Fang is an emeritus professor teaching at National Taipei University of Technology. His constant devotion to biomaterials throughout the years is particularly admirable.

Additionally, one of STARTBOARD’s teams, InnoviZ will elaborate on bittersweet experiences to launch a business in Taiwan. The startup specializing in visualization augmented and virtual reality for real estate and business marketing will surely widen our horizons by their sharing!

If you’re a big fan of the biomedical industry, emerging market trends or startup things, hesitate no more!

Join us right now:


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