2018 Thailand Theme Night

Are you interested in the rising Southeast Asian market but feel intimidated by the unknowns of this overseas bonanza? Does the high risk keep you hesitant about entering this merging market? Then be sure to show up this summer at the Thailand Theme Night, where our keynote speakers will personally walk you through the maze by focusing and analyzing the difficulties you might be faced with.

-This Event will proceed in both English and Chinese-

Guest Speakers:
1. Mr. Lin, Han Fa, former director of the Department of Business Chinese, Panyapiwat Institute of Management in Thailand
2. Ms. Fiona, Thai entrepreneur and the fan page owner of “I have a business in Thailand"
3. Ms. Suzy, leader of Japan Business: Group Southeast Asia Market
4. Mr. Lin, Albert, vice president of Catalyst Capital Group.

18:30 – 19:00 Check in
19:05- 19:20 Introduction: Speakers and STARTBOARD
19:20-19:40 Topic1: Brief on Thai culture and customs! (Chinese)
19:45-20:05 Topic2: Problems at the initial stage and their solutions! (Chinese)
20:10-20:30 Topic3: A close look at BOI! (English)
20:35-20:55 Topic4: How to attract investments! (English)
21:00-21:15 QA Time
21:15-21:25 Topic5: STARTBOARD introduction & recruitment

Fee: Admission tickets with STARTBOARD FB Like and registration event Page. (Free).
Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018-thailand-theme-nightpromising-future-startup-thailand-tickets-47457837670


A. 【泰國正大集團附屬正大管理學院(PIM) 商務漢語系前主任】- 林漢發老師
B. 【泰國創業家及「我在泰國做生意」部落客】- Fiona
C. 【日商集團東南亞市場負責人】- Suzy蘇西
D. 【守護天使管理顧問股份有限公司】- 林安柏副總
18:30 – 19:00 報到
19:05 – 19:20 Introduction:Speakers and STARTBOARD
19:20– 19:40 新南向創業不是夢!帶你了解道地泰國市場樣貌!(中文)
19:45– 20:05 泰國落地創業之初、陣痛期交戰全攻略!(中文)
20:10– 20:30 BOI外資公司在泰創業面面談!(英文)
20:35– 20:55 資深創投經理人,告訴你新創必勝心法!(英文)
21:00– 21:15 QA Time
21:15– 21:25: 東協印度創業平台STARTBOARD介紹及新創團隊招募


門票: 註冊活動頁面及憑STARTBOARD FB按讚入場

報名網址: https://www.accupass.com/event/1806220926192131381385




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