THINKTANK @ Computex | THINKTANK pushed themselves HIGHER in Computex, the biggest tech expo in Asia

Wait, what is Computex?

Due to Taiwan’s complete supply chain of the ITC industry, Computex Taipei, the biggest tech exhibition in Asia, has established its tradition ever since its debut.With ITC developing a solid foundation, topics related to such cutting-edge technology as blockchain, 5G, IoT, startups as well as gaming and VR all went viral this year.

Aside from impressive main topics, InnoVEX, one of Computex’s featured exhibits highlights dynamic arena of sorts, offering the demo, pitch, workshop, forum, and startup tour, therefore drawing 388 innovative teams’ attention from around the globe!

If you are captivated by state-of-the-art technology, startup things, or deeply interested in knowing global startup ecosystem, Computex is absolutely a great fit for you. If unfortunately you already lost the chance this time, make sure to show up at the grand expo next year in our splendid spring and take your own pace to walk through distinguished conferences and forums. A broad spectrum of blue ocean opportunities will be here for you to uncover!

Here’s our batch member, THINKTANK!

STARTBOARD is honored to have some outstanding batch members participating in Computex. Among them, THINKTANK is a team that fully displays its diversity.With members coming from both sides of Atlantic and Pacific countries, (the States, the UK, Japan, India, Taiwan, and Japan are included) innovation is bound to have more possibilities in THINKTANK.

THINKTANK has devoted efforts 24/7 to developing “AI ecosystem for smart cities.” Currently, through two of their major products – CLAPPIO and EXIT, THINKTANK provides AI services with the good use of Internet of People (IoP) as a reasonable-priced replacement for Internet of Things.

In Computex 2018, THINKTANK not only got the ticket to “speed dating” with news media worldwide but separated themselves from the crowd by successfully pitching their products as well as services.

For the former, InnoVEX was holding the startup “speed dating,” which allowed startup teams of all kinds to give their marketing blitz a full play. In THINKTANK’s opinion, this setup enables new teams to elevate media exposure, which is both fun and purposeful.

For the latter, the chance to pitch their products at InnoVEX stand is fully utilized by THINKTANK. Several business minds were lucky enough to see how this team precisely locates consumer pain points and “uses IoP efficiently” to improve quality of life.

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2分鐘媒合新創 Innovex辦快速約會、背後有AI







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