STARTBOARD participated in 2018 IDEAS Show which were held on July 24 at NTUH International Convention Center. IDEAS Show is a competition for startups companies from different countries, including Taiwan, South Korea, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, and also Vietnam.

In this event, each of the startups delivered a 6-minute speech and there are also some exhibition booths to introduce the companies’ products. The event attracted both foreign and Taiwan’s startups who seek for resources and connections, also both local and foreign investors from each industry. Furthermore, it is STARTBOARD’s second time to join IDEAS Show. STARTBOARD is honored to meet and connect a lot of ASEAN-India startup companies in IDEAS Show. Through this event, STARTBOARD connects a total of 5 Southeast Asian startups who are interested to develop in Taiwan markets.

TechGrind, STARTBOARD’s good old friend, also paid a visit to Ideas Show!

The first company that we met is TechGrind from Bangkok, Thailand. TechGrind has teamed up with STARTBOARD since 2017, it’s our utmost pride and joy to participate in this grand event together!

Throughout the years, TechGrind have nurtured 10 startup teams, who are outstanding enough to separate themselves from the crowd. Take Kiidu for example. Kiidu provides all sorts of caregiving services to household, which has been deemed an urgent need across the world — since we’re living in an aging society. Just as its catchy slogan goes “kindest caregivers for the ones you love,” their services are quite catering to people who are always on the go, lacking the time to take care of their babies or elders.

In addition, TechGrind also runs TechGrind Hub, which helds events, workshops, conferences. Holding common values and beliefs, STARTBOARD and TechGrind will make constant efforts hand in hand, looking for the common good for our startup teams!

1STARTBOARD team with Pavel Laletin (the second one from the left), the co-founder of TechGrind.

Get your fresh products 24/7 online from Pushkart, a delivery startup from the Philippines!!

Pushkart, based in the Philippines, provides online delivery such as groceries, foods, and goods to the consumers’ house in Manila. Offering such 24-hour delivery services in the area where traffic chaos has been perceived common is an intelligent decision, but why and how did the ideas come on the table? During a casual conversation between two good old friends, Josh Aragon and Bryan Reyes, they sensed the crux of problems — people’s hectic lifestyle, congested traffic in Metro Manila and a long queue of people waiting for payment as well as the time consumed by exiting a parking lot — all sorts of nuisances can freak you out! Therefore, targeting busy workers who have no time to go for groceries, the two brilliant business minds then commit to making online delivery services possible, and here came Pushkart! What’s better, they don’t limit their services only within walking distance to consumers’ location.

Nowadays, Pushkart continues to cooperate with a well-known supermarket from the Philippines, Fish Market and delivers to all areas throughout Metro Manila. In their services, not only do they guarantee consumers the best and fresh products, but they also charge them with legit and just prices!

Are you still anxious about the lack of job opportunities? With the presence of Empleo, job hunting no longer puts you at the wit’s end!

Empleo also originated from the Philippines; it’s a network that tap short-term jobs from individual and enterprises and connect them to trained individuals. Empleo connects the workers to consumers based on consumers’ needs. For example, if a consumer needs someone to fix their generator, then it will connect them to the workers based on the location, skill, and rate. Empleo also has partnership with establishments like restaurants and waste management services that will help them deliver certain wastes to manufacturing industries as alternative raw materials.

With their interesting ideas blossoming, Empleo is also going to apply for STARTBOARD’s batch member, leaving footprints in Taiwan! Now that taking part-time jobs is gone viral among the younger generation, let’s wait and see how Empleo’s platform will work out for Taiwan market.

2STARTBOARD with  Michael George Lim, the Chief Technical Officer from Pushkart (left) and  Mark Balmes, the founder and CEO from Empleo (middle).

Gosama amazed us with a complete omnichannel sales system, which tears the wall between online and brick-and-mortar stores down!

Gosama J.S.C , an ambitious adventurer from Vietnam who offers both retailers consumers with delicate online-offline experiences. To make their omnichannel ecosystem safe and complete,Gosama utilizes blockchain-based platform and even develop Gowallet (Gosama version of e-money) to integrate their services. If these notions are not concrete enough, Gosama has an infographic to offer:

3Sources: Gosama
4STARTBOARD with Gosama team, the gentleman on the left is the product designer, Alex Hoang, while the lady on the right is Joanna Chilicka, customer relations manager of Gosama.

EZQ, a word of mouth that would be a real shot in the arm regarding comprehensive ecosystem for online business in Vietnam.

EZQ is a comprehensive ecosystem for online merchants, shipper, and buyers. It includes a sales management and promotion tool, and also a straightforward delivery tool. For now, they have two applications which are Snail and Crab respectively.Snail is an application that helps freelance shippers to find delivery orders.As for Crab, it’s an application that helps people to manage the online store easily on the phone.

5STARBOARD with EZQ team, Lily Nguyen, the CPO / Co-founder (on the left )and Tom Nguyen, the founder (on the right).



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