Thailand Theme Night | Want to equip yourself with must-have know-how to work overseas or invest in other countries? Let’s see how specialists say! (Part 2)

Suzy Shih: A generation Z girl’s wisdom of working and living in an exotic culture

As the leader of Group Southeast Asia in a Japanese corporation, Suzy has equipped herself with strong soft skills in public speaking, effective negotiations and coordination with foreign partners. From her own experiences, she has listed some crucial points we cannot ignore if we ever want to expand career paths to other countries!

  1. Before you negotiate with foreign partners, stand in their shoes instead.
  2. Don’t let culture shock restrain yourself from gaining hands-on experiences.
  3. Focus your sights on things you truly believe.


Anbert Lin: Advice from a senior investor has been a big shot in the arm to potenitial investors.


For those setting your sights on investing Thailand market, sit tight! Mr. Anbert Lin just shared his laser-like perception in making an investment!

  1. E-commerce

In recent years, Thailand’s e-commerce has been gaining popularity, which contributes to its rising value from 2.03 trillion baht in 2014 to 2.81 trillion baht in 2017. In this industry, LAZADA, Shopee could almost best describe the ecosystem, since they are the biggest two leaders in Thailand!

  1. Start-ups

To create more level playing fields for entrepreneurs, the importance of the ecosystem cannot be overestimated! Here are some trivial matters that enable us to see, Thailand’s startup market is quite glorious and could prosper in the near future.

In 2012, there’re only three officially funded startup companies with 2.1 M baht raised; nonetheless, from 2017, there are more than 90 startups founded in Thailand while 280M baht is raised for some brilliant ideas! Investment in a young company could be risky, so detailing inquiry and research become quite pivotal before making any decision!



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