【STARTBOARD X ASEAN and South Asia Bar Associations】A Closer Look at Mutilateral Business Opportunities

STARTBOARD attended a banquet with representatives of bar associations from numerous countries, which were Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam respectively. Even though our conversation was a compression of time, limited to 2 hours, this thrilling night party was nothing short of pure delight and awesome vibes! During our time together, STARTBOARD had exchanged our perspectives on startups in ASEAN as well as South Asia with lawyers from around those countries; on the other hand, we’d also dug into realities such as business opportunities and legal hurdles in ASEAN markets through navigation of our global partners.

A gorgeous silver lining for startups and Taiwan company

From the very start, STARTBOARD reckoned that there must be a large number of deadlocks we needa deal with; instead, our discussions were totally beyond our imagination:

Domingo Egon Q. Cayosa, the executive vice president of Integrated Bar of the Philippines did give us a real shot in the arm. From his laser-like observation, the Philippines would be a paradise bursting with opportunities for foreign people to explore; several reasons are supportive of his insights — this country allows 100 percent foreign ownership in almost all sectors, which is deemed as an open economy. On top of that, the highly educated workforce and a literacy rate of 94.6 % actually top the chart in ASEAN countries. Therefore, so long as we find a correct place and usher the business in, we may able to light up the way for startups.

Additionally, Nandana Indananda, the vice chairman of  Lawyers Council of Thailand, brought up Thailand 4.0, indicating smart electronics, tourism, biotechnology, and food innovation and so on would take the lead; hence, if you’re particularly specialized in those fields, hesitate no more! Take the risks and jump in Thailand market, navigating your way out of its treacherous and challenging environment.

Besides, Tuyet. A Dinh, the representative of Vietnam Bar Federation, cut right into the chase by sharing foreign investment conditions in her homeland. With an eye to attracting qualified investments overseas as well as nurturing the existing investment in Vietnam, this country has poured tons of efforts and offer complete protection for foreign investment! If you ever want to win a hand and invest in this market, this’s a too good chance to miss!

20180906_213512From left to right: Executive Vice President and President-Elect of Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Domingo Egon Q. Cayosa, Representative of Vietnam Bar Federation, Dinh Anh Tuyet, Managing Partner of Louis International Patent, Paul C.C. Chen, and COO of STARTBOARD, Uniform Lin
20180906_213310(0)From left to right: COO of STARTBOARD, Uniform Lin, Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affair Committee, Lawyers Council Under the Royal Patronage , Lawyers Council of Thailand, Nandana Indananda, Legal Consultant of Louis and Charles attorneys at Law, Pathika Jakkongthammakul and Managing Partner of Louis and Charles Attorneys at Law, Raymond Yu.

How about the legal or business environment?

Many of our special guests share the legal and business trends in their own country with us, which plays a pivotal role when someone plans to expand their business overseas!

According to Albert Zaw Min, the General Secretary and Head of International Relationship and Education Committee of Myanmar Bar Association, Myanmar market is quite open to foreign investment, which may be mutually beneficial! Abundant in natural resources, such as gas, wood, and fertile soil, etc, Myanmar is also rich in the gemstone. Aside from those incentives, Myanmar Special Economic Zone Law also came into play with its rules and notifications friendly for foreign investors!

Bob Tseng, the founder of THANLWIN LEGAL, a law firm in Myanmar, actually was born and raised in Taiwan. Envisioning business opportunities in Myanmar ushers him into this booming economy. From his point of view, he believes that if young people want to win a hand in this market, they need to have a deep insight into Myanmar laws, believing in its environment and moving Myanmar forward through the success!

We all realize that legal hurdles frustrate people conducting business overseas, so it’s common for people to seek legal help locally. Nonetheless, what if we may consult with lawyers from our homeland, who practice the law overseas? As stated by George Varughese, the President of Malaysian Bar, “Lawyers from a recognized jurisdiction are allowed to practice as a foreign lawyer in Malaysia.” If fortunately, your motherland is a recognized jurisdiction, looking for legal help would be much easier while you’re out of your comfort zone!

A broader vision for the holistic ecosystem for start-ups!

This night was vibrating with joy and friendly discussions! Hopefully, in the near future, the knowledge that STARTBOAD acquires would come in handy as we’re matching resources to both Taiwanese and global talents! As usual, STARTBOARD will always be zealous, in the best sense of the world when it comes to nurturing youths full of potentials, and we all look forward to a holistically friendly ecosystem for startups in Taiwan!

20180906_213357From left to right: COO of STARTBOARD, Uniform Lin, Director of Louis and Charles Attorneys at Law, F.C. Chen, Partner of Thanlwin Legal, Bob Tseng, Head of International Relationship & Education Committee, Myanmar Bar Association, Albert Zaw Min, and Managing Partner of Louis and Charles Attorneys at Law, Raymond Yu.
20180906_213432From left to right: COO of STARTBOARD, Uniform Lin, Legal Consultant of Louis and Charles attorneys at Law, Arpita Dutta, President of The Malaysia Bar, George Varughese and Managing Partner of Louis and Charles Attorneys at Law, Raymond Yu.



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