India, a pool full of young talents, should not be excluded from your adventure!

Previously on India Theme Night

India Theme Night held by STARTBOARD has caught the fancy of the audience on September 11, 2018. Located at Social Innovation Lab, the event was filled with excitement and curiosity from the audience. Not only to have a deeper understanding of India startup market and entrepreneur, but also to build a connection with fellow audiences and get some real-life experience from the professional guest speakers.



Arpitta Dutta, the third speaker, graduated from Department of Law and is currently a legal consultant of Louis International Patent Office. Been participating in a lot of entrepreneurial and legal lectures, here are some secrets she shared during India Theme Night:

Despite having a huge population, India has a lot of talents that also work in big countries, and it is also one of the reasons for India’s growth.

Advantages of foreign collaboration:

  • a pool of skilled people
  • industry infrastructure
  • friendly regulatory framework
  • 4th for protecting minor investor

She also emphasized that India is going to embrace the third largest group of young scientists population by 2020. As for startups industry itself, India is amongst the top five countries in the world,  ranking three after US and China. As for now, 90 Taiwanese companies are working in different sectors of the Indian economics.

Start business from the very beginning, it will get big over time.


Last but not least, our last speaker, Nicholas Yang, Chairman of NOVAX Material & Technology Inc, shared his key observations on the global market.


He first established his first company in 2003. Addressing the issue in global warming, he got an idea to make it into a business.  Hence, He tried to make renewable energy solutions.

NOVAX created Adblue, which is an application for using the Selective Catalyst Reduction system and create a solution for exhaust emission. 

From small beginnings to big impact!

From a very small beginning, now he is able to spread the app all over sixteen overseas countries, including India, China, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore. With his key to success at heart, he emphasized the core factors to win the market:

  1. Branding
  2. Innovation
  3. Marketing
  4. Channel (the channel is the most important. The more channel you have, more revenue and customers you can generate from them!)

On top of that, if we want to create a business model, we need to pay attention to the society, take care of the well-being of each other and think from a holistic point of view for human beings!

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