Indonesia Theme Night: A Growing Potential That Is Going to Boom! (Part 1)

      STARTBOARD 2018 Indonesia Theme Night was rounded off successfully on Oct, 16th! We need to express huge thanks to our opening guest,Didi Sumedi, and all of our keynote speakers — Kimyung Keng, L. Tri. Wijaya, Putu Aditya, Ryan Huang and Antonius Sunarto, for making these two hours and a half nothing short of pure delights! Now, if you happen to miss out on it, let’s review the event together.

44128963_603931510025560_340945950044323840_oMr. Kimyung Keng (The founder of Taiwan Obama Association)

      If you can immerse yourself in a culture, then why on earth do you just scratch on the surface? — This line might best summarize the crucial insights from Mr. Kimyung Keng.

     As the cycle of prosperity keeps going on in Southeast Asia markets, an increasing number of people and young talents wanna take the chance, jumping in this pool of possibilities.  Nonetheless, little do we ponder on the “why.” Lacking the “why” is like taking a shot in the dark; once we haven’t had clearly understood the culture figured out our own advantages, the desire to separate yourself from the crowd would become nothing but an empty thought.

   Hence, Mr. Kimyung Keng emphasized the significance of “rethinking” and “localizing” by providing some of blindsides that we may ignore before braving through the Indonesia market! Take Go-Jek for example. The niche for this startup came in due to chaotic traffic in Indonesia. Knowing the local traffic congestion all too well, Go-Jek took motorcycles as their transportation, picking people up when they’re at the wits’ end for a traffic jam.

   Moreover, Go-Jek has been taking corporate social responsibility seriously. Traditionally, female passengers are poised to threats such as sexual harassment when taking public transportation. With an eye to eradicating this problem, instilling the concept of gender equality in the society step by step.  Had it not been for Go-Jek’s laser-like perception about real needs in Indonesia and its attention to social issues, this startup wouldn’t have gained popularity in this treacherous market.

44176781_603931620025549_8653723734043000832_oMr. L. Tri Wijaya N. Kusuma (The founder of Marine Highway Tech.)

A silver lining for maritime sector in Indonesia

Standing firmly and looking self-assured, Mr. L. Tri Wijaya N. Kusuma made his innovative ideas — Marine Highway Tech, alive on stage!

    As a not so familiar industry for the general public, the maritime sector sort of remains out-dated in our stereotype. However, it’s not Wijaya’s take.

    Wijaya firstly walked us through the status quo of maritime industry in Indonesia. By and large, its problems amount to operation procedures and costs; for instance, logistics and port operation costs are still high, coupled with unequally distribution patterns and product prices. Those obstacles are where Wijaya’s ideas popped up.  He delicately analyzed stakeholders of marine port system, which include:  government sector, port authority, shipping company, freighter operator and user external.

     By fully understanding the relation between different parties, he came up with an IOT platform for maritime system, which will greatly improve the efficacy by leaps and bounds.His platform deals with problems of maritime sector through integrating information and requests from consumer external, government sectors, port authorities and private companies. With the use of the platform, sunk costs, the cost of time and deadweight loss stemming from long dwelling time at a port would be wiped out!





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