STARTBOARD X Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre


Many of you may know Malaysia as a country of Southeast Asia, composed of two noncontiguous regions. With diverse ethnic groups dwelling on this nation, it also lies in the geographical pivot, thus serving as a perfect attraction for the younger generation who would like to break new ground overseas.

Nonetheless, little do you beware that Taiwan is actually seeking stronger ties with this country. As reported by the Malaysian Friendship & Trade Centre in Taipei (MFTC), in light of the New South Bound Policy, significant progress has been made in terms of bilateral relations, and especially in the field of education!

As stated by the representative of Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre, Anwar Udzir, if we want the retention rates of global talents in Taiwan go up steadily, a friendly environment for foreigners must be built. Take food for example. Since Muslims may have a hard time hunting for halal food in Taiwan, they may naturally, subconsciously deny the option to stay in Taiwan and develop further career paths.

For some indelible moments that we had with Mr. Anwar, please subscribe our Facebook fanpage and pay it a visit!


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