PokaYoke signed the member agreement with STARTBOARD!

Internationally recognized for providing one-stop website design services, Ananta just officially turned in the member agreement with STARTBOARD.

As the founder of PokaYoke and Consult Dr., Ananta stated that he would register a company under the name of  PokaYoke in both India and Taiwan, while Consult Dr. would continually serve as a supportive resource to PokaYoke.

On top of that, we’re also in a mellow mood knowing that PokaYoke’s services are gaining traction — Currently, this startup is cooperating with the clinics and travel agencies in Vietnam as well as Mexico, with an eye to promoting online reservation systems.

Even when Ananta’s business scheme is on the right track, his type A fiber still keeps driving him forward. For the following two months, he’ll be staying in and exploring Singapore and Vietnam markets. Additionally, in the upcoming July, he is even going to Belgium for educational purpose! It’s undoubted that by keeping himself updated on the latest trends in platform industry, Ananta will continue to wow the target audience with his thoughtful and well-adjusted services!

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