2018 Malaysia Theme Night


On Nov 26th, 2018, we’re so glad to make Malaysia Theme Night alive on stage, and we are genuinely thankful to Anwar Udzir, Representative of Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre, to give an opening speech as a special guest. Besides, we also invited three top-notch lecturers to share hands-on experiences with us. In this package, let’s have a quick recap of the main points from our keynote speakers!


Blockchain can do more for human good!

Will Lu ,CBO of OwlTing Group, walked us through what blockchain can do for people or business with his own hands-on experiences. Many of us may get the concept of blockchain from bitcoin but in effect blockchain can serve for various purposes. Take OwlTing’s agriculture project for example. With the help of blockchain technology, they assist over 1500 farmers in Taiwan to monitor soil quality and humidity as well as crop, whose data are updated promptly on to the internet, ensuring customers would know what they just consumed. By doing so, Will stated, not only have they devised an immutable and transparent traceability as well as a way to find the root cause, but they have built a close bond with local farmers by visiting them and observing the real problems behind the scene.


By taking a close look at your target, you can be famous for more than fifteen minutes.

As a Malaysian student in Taiwan, Ccwhyao always has a dream of his own — to share bits and pieces of his life in Taiwan from the perspective of a foreign student. Sticking to his passion, Ccwhyao initiated a Youtube channel with his classmate, which is called Kao Bei Cold. This channel puts cultural differences between Taiwan and Malaysia under the spotlight in an interesting way, which constitutes the main reason for its popularity among youngsters. Ccwhyao’s got the piece of advice for young people— if you’re so enthused by the notion of creating videos and channel of your own, kickstart one right now, since the best time for you to start is when you’re still a student, when you’re not bound by professional obligations, and most important of all, when failures lecture you with valuable experiences.


Malaysia, with its diversity and prosperous opportunities, is your next new world to conquest.

Dressing in a formal suit, standing upright on the stage, Yeinnie Tan wowed the audience with her crucial insights into the business environment of Malaysia. As the director of Malaysia Chamber of commerce in Taipei, she kindly introduces numerous resources and opportunities for Taiwanese to explore. She offered such resources as Commerce Development Research Institute and Malaysia Friendship And Trade Center, which we can refer to if we want to start a business in Malaysia. On top of that, she emphasized the importance of finding the correct methods and tools precisely since even if you bury yourself in endless work, the world still cannot find you and people would even not know your existence. Her suggestions indicated that after we located our dream job or interests and that we’re ready to set foot in Malaysia, we still need to take time and figure out how to connect all the strengths such as the diversity in languages and races, and map out the long-term plan in Malaysia.



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