Welcome our new batch —- QSearch, and let their state-of-the-art technology remedy your “tedious" marketing problems!

(by Alicia Syu)

Are you at your wit’s end when it comes to your social media marketing strategies? Do you wanna get down to the nitty-gritty regarding your target audience online but all the analysis work just seems…. so tedious?

Well, don’t lose heart, turn to STARTBOARD’s new batch, QSearch, who is going to kill your marketing pain points!

As a top-notch specialist in data analysis, QSearch has created its very own tactic to handle nuisances you always find yourself get stuck, which is the Facebook text search and social listening dashboard. Their services basically break down in the following ways:

  • Social Listening Dashboard With Alerts

Via this technique, you can instantly manage your Facebook content according to your brand image. If you’re not so sure, then let QSearch help you create one-of-a-kind communication strategy!

  • Trending Topic’s Directional Analysis

Hindsight biases are always fatal to social media marketing. If you’re panicked at the prospect of any human bias may ruin your perfectly launched media, you have to give this feature a try and improve your company’s decision process!

  • Find Opinion Leader to Co-create Content

Key opinion leaders, to the extent, play a role in the empire of digital marketing but whether you are able to take advantage of it, is a totally different bowl of wax. If you’re still not curtained who may have the right influences on your brand, QSearch would be your partner in crime!

Aside from its professional services, QSearch’s efforts in big data have been well recognized by startup competitions in a roll. They have won the first place in 2014 Asia Beat, 2014 SeedStars World in Taipei and 2014 E27 Echelon Taipei, to name but a few.

Above all, QSearch was just invited by Facebook and Information Media Development Authority(IMDA) in Singapore to be in one out of 11 teams at Data-driven Startup Station! For the following few months, they will go through a lot of improvements under regulatory sandbox in Singapore. Let’s wait and see!




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