On Tuesday 26th March 2019, STARTBOARD team has successfully delivered the Vietnam Theme Night to partners and youngsters in who we expect their contribution to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the near future.

The night was a spark with the presence of famous Vietnamese entrepreneurs in Taiwan who have helped to introduce the startup opportunity to over 80 audiences, most of which are Vietnamese. After a short warm speech from STARTBOARD representatives, Ms. Mandy Nguyen, the director of ecosystem development from Startup Vietnam Foundation has quickly described the prosperity of entrepreneurship activities in Vietnam recently as well as how it helped to improve the life of local people.


Mr. Le Van Khoi, the General Manager of Tokyo Vietnam and our special guest from Ishowlife e-commerce, Ms. Anna Nguyen, have also had such inspirational and informative presentations in terms of how to establish an operation in Vietnam and Taiwan respectively. If any student wants to go further down the track, they would find the insight analysis of Vietnamese’s Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Challenge in the discussion of Mr.Dee, Vice president of Vietnam Student Association, and Mr. Alex, Founder & CEO of the technological startup called Innoviz, hard to miss.

In the Q&A section, all the keynote speakers have openly shared their extraordinary career stories and proved the possibility of success in business for South East Asian right here in Taiwan with the support from Government, University and also various incubators like STARTBOARD. They also received a lot of attention from audiences and investors, who hopefully might soon become their partner in the near future.




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