On April 15th, STARTBOARD was honorable to get invited to “Innovation Startup Competition,” where STARBOTARD’s COO, Uniform Lin, acted as the mentor and reviewer along with a group of top-notch executives in Taiwan. It’s not only a day full of exuberance from creative startup pals but also a day nicely spent with like-minded partners who have been making all-out efforts to build up a holistic and friendly startup ecosystem in Taiwan.

Joseph A. Schumpeter, well-known for his contributions to economics, defined entrepreneurs’ pivotal roles in reforming or revolutionizing the pattern of production by exploiting an invention or an untried technological possibility, in this year, MoneyUDN sticks to the same notion and makes Innovation Startup Competition alive on stage!

Innovation Startup Competition was launched since 2017, and have been held for consecutive three years. This year, MoneyUDN has managed to unveil some of the highly potential startup teams, who have been equipped with creative solutions to pitch their services as well as products in front of the reviewers!


During the selection process, we’ve encountered numerous stunners that would catch your attention at the first glimpse. Ranging from biotech, meditech, big data to sound-tech, all of the participants have been making all-out efforts to showcase better solutions to society. Take 3drens for example. Via location-based data services, they can efficiently assist corporations to collect and analyze data, which ultimately optimize the operation process and cut down on the costs. Apart from that, Acura nanomedicine wowed us with their nanotech process, which has come a long way in experimenting and testing medicine by putting materials on to a larger scale. Also, Guzipbio concentrates on epigenetics and looks for further uses in DNA research!

Walking away with inspirations from diverse industries, especially in startups, makes us feel really optimistic and pumped about startup markets in Taiwan. We’re quite thankful to MoneyUDN’s invitations, which will surely level up our expertise in assisting startup teams from different fields and from ASEAN/ India!


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