STARTBOARD @ 2019 G.G.C. Internship Interview & Career Fair

Last Friday, on May 4th, 2019, G.G.C from Global Brand Management Association (GBMA) has successfully held the 2019 G.G.C. Internship Interview & Career Fair at Cosmos Hotel Taipei. The event has attracted a lot of attention thank the participation of top experts in their industries including Dr. Louis Chen – Chairman of GBMA, legislator Karen Kao, Mrs. Kao – Chairman of MIC, Mr. Leo – CEO of Private Angle Capital and Mr. Chuang – Head of Agricultural Biotechnology from KPMG.

Dr. Chen,Chun-Shan from GBMA launched an inspiring opening speech.

After the warm welcome speech and introduction from Dr. Chen, Mrs. Karen has openly discussed with students about the current government policy and the decreasing demand for Finance-related jobs and provided participants with some advice and preparation for the upcoming, emphasizing on the need of other skills, especially technological ones. Despite the political uncertainties, Mrs. Karen and Dr. Chen still showed positive prospects for young talents in Taiwan.


Mr. Wu,Wun-Fang, one of the STARTBOARD’s investors was sharing his personal experiences on the event.

On the other hand, from the aspect of employers, representatives from KPMG and MIC described that hardworking, languages, attitude, global mind and continuously learning process are keys to success worldwide. However, in case you are ready to build up your own empire, Mr. Leo from Angle capital has a really good instruction for you which are to be the man of integrity and keep moving forward.

Time for STARTBOARD’s sharing!

The event closed after a bustling visit of students to different boots and queuing for submission of Resumes. On top of all, they have had a valuable lesson and share which would become their competitiveness on their future career path.


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