GCR is looking for promising business partners seeking creative IT solutions and aiming for Indonesian as well as Indian markets!

Taiwan has a great environment for technological development, and recently, a number of tech-based startups have been established in Taiwan.

Therefore, as a startup incubator, bridging Taiwan and ASEAN-India, we are thrilled to announce that STARTBOARD is going to have a deeper collaboration with GCR!

GCR is the abbreviation for Global Channel Resources. By collaboration with worldwide cloud-based/networking solution providers, GCR is able to manage relation with both business partners as well as consumers. Thus, they enable channel partners to provide IoT solutions and cloud services and offer an IoT combination of smart connected hardware and software to serve end-customers.

In addition, GCR has platform ecosystem partners, including ACER, Mircosoft, Amazon Web Services, etc., which makes their service ever better and more comprehensive.

Become a business partner with GCR for the greatest win on both sides!

Currently, GCR plans to expand their service to Indonesia and India in the near future. As growing bigger, GCR is looking for promising business partners who need IT solution services. As a consequence, if your business develops in Indonesia or India, or you have planned to enter into both markets, collaborating with GCR is a great chance to apply cutting-edge IT solutions in your company, and grow together with GCR.

With such a great start, we believe that, with GCR, STARTBOARD can make a greater impact on both the developments of Taiwan’s startups and ASEAN-Indian networks.

To know more about GCR

website: https://www.gcrcloud.com/


Contact us on Facebook:


-Written by Mei Wu and Alicia Syu-




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