Putu Aditya: To survive as a startup, you need more than passion and persistence.

As the co-founder of Halal XYZ, a startup helps to eradicate problems for Muslims in Taiwan, Putu has a lot to share about establishing a startup from the ground up. Their story all started from a simple idea – if they needed to organize database of Halal restaurants in Taiwan then why didn’t they make an App and save all the nuisances? With the idea to improve Muslims’ convenience in Taiwan, they gather a large amount of information and solutions to discuss. “ While you may know your idea and goals, you should still be prepared that it’s not gonna be easy in the long run.” Even though going through obstacles is a must when we start from scratch, Putu advised all the youngsters that as we could seek for help from mentor, school’s advisors and listen to experiences from who started before, that would open up our network in startup community, which further create a niche for us to stick to our dreams.


Ryan Huang: When we slow down and see how telecommunication plays a role in our life

“How important telecommunication means in business?" is the first question that Ryan raised as stepping on stage. “It makes our everyday life, shortens the distance between us." Simple as it may seem, we normally ignore how telecommunication plays a role in our daily life.  For example, we may never think about why we still hang on to use traditional phones in this smartphone era. Ryan made it clear — since when we bury ourselves in the sea of telecommunication in our daily life, we need to release us from it a bit from time to time, and if we replace smartphones with outdated phones in our office, probably the companies’ privacy will be left with nothing.

Even though smartphone seems so convenient when we’re dealing with day-to-day business utilizing it, Ryan’s speech also raised a good concern to care about ourselves inward when using the up-to-date technology wisely.

Antonius Sunarto: Knowing your customer is the core.

Antonius Sunarto, the founder of ISheEra Technology, is a Chinese Indonesian familiar with both Indonesian and Taiwanese culture. By establishing ISheEra Technology, he sold a variety of feminine products. From his observation, women normally make a purchase based on their loved ones’ preferences; this shopping behavior, therefore, creating a business opportunity for him. Still, when it comes to digital marketing in a different market, he has a vital point to make – to observe our target audience very closely so that you will know how to upgrade the marketing strategies. Take one of the cosmetic cares for example, while they’re promoting products in Indonesia, they failed to dig into Indonesian girls’ preference, which emphasizes oil-control and it ultimately constitutes a failure. Besides, Antonius also arouse the awareness of the audience – no matter in where we wanna start our own business, we need to be crystal clear about our own strengths as well as resources, looking for a niche which is currently lacking in that market so that we can make a competitive solution that no one has envisioned before.


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