STARTBOARD @ Presidential Office— Let’s talk about the effective resources channels to ASEAN countries!


The STARTBOARD team is honored to have had the opportunity to visit the Presidential Office’s New Southbound Policy Office on May 3rd with Mr. Yu Bojun, the attorney-in charge presiding over the New Southbound business of the Taipei Bar Association, to report to Deputy Executive Secretary Luo and Secretary Lin our specific results and efforts over the past couple years, including having coached ASEAN-Indian youth teams to start business in Taiwan; being about to publish the Entrepreneur’s Manual; having hosted various theme nights for communities with common goals to locate their best fit; creating the first Taiwanese legal consultancy in Thailand. All these endeavors aim to promote bilateral exchange between Taiwan and the New Southbound countries and to boost talent flow and resources circulation in the region, through which enterprises can expand beyond borders; competent entrepreneurs can realize their ambition in Taiwan; investors can spot perfect targets; the government resources can be dutifully and properly allocated. The ultimate goal STARDBOARD has been striving for is to establish a fluid procedure where novel, forward-looking concepts can materialize without sundry confines of technicalities.

Throughout the meeting, Deputy Executive Secretary Luo and Secretary Lin kept coming up with genuine comments while brainstorming with Attorney Yu and the STARTBOARD team on how to better assist entrepreneurs. Their professionalism and enthusiasm were so impressive that my admiration was immediately earned. I felt blissfully fortunate to have this dedicated New Southward Policy Office to help promote well-intentioned services made possible by the collaboration of the government and NGOs.

STARTBOARD COO Uniform Lin is especially appreciative of the support and assistance given by the government and the industry over the years. In the future, we are determined to continue expansion of our services, fostering a well-rounded entrepreneur-friendly ecosystem. Reinforced by the government, a sustainable environment is being built where both ASEAN-Indian and Taiwanese professionals can thrive and prosper.

-Written by Sunny Lin-


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