New Immigration Voice

According to government statistics, one out of forty workers in Taiwan comes from ASEAN countries. There have been more than 540 thousand foreign spouses since 1998, and one in three of them is from ASEAN countries. On top of that, 20 percent of newborn babies are these ASEAN workers’ descendants. As a consequence, these ASEAN fellows and their children are significant to us. However, we found that they are mainly blue-collar workers. Despite the fact that some may open start their own business, these businesses are mostly restaurants or food stands.

In order to improve current situations, STARTBOARD is going to launch the “#NewImmigrationVoice” project, hoping that through the support from the government, we can cooperate with these spokesmen to build up a platform for starting up their own business and addressing their thoughts.

This forum is the bridge of connection and the prologue of the “New Immigration Voice” program, allowing each of us to have a more profound understanding of the descendants of ASEAN immigrants.

To most descendants of ASEAN immigrants, the discovery of self-identity is a time-consuming journey. Along the way, they may encounter numerous ups and downs. However, as they move on, more thoughts and opinions regarding their parents’ hometown and their identity may come to them.

The three descendants of ASEAN immigrants are fortunate to find their roles in life. They are now proud of who they are, able to make use of their strengths to begin a new chapter of their lives. Yet, not all descendants of ASEAN immigrants are fortunate enough. Some may still be searching, while some may still be in shadows.

This is the point of the “New Immigration Voice” program. Through the collaboration between STARTBOARD and descendants of ASEAN immigrants, we hope to raise more voice and bring about a friendlier environment for ASEAN immigrants and their descendants alike.


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