The international entrepreneurial cluster-Startup Terrace has been grandly opened

On October 17th, it is a crucial day for Taiwanese startups. The international entrepreneurial cluster is accumulating Taiwan Startups energy – Startup Terrace has been grandly opened today.

President of the Executive Yuan  Mr. Tseng-Chang Su, Minister without portfolio Mr. Ming-Hsin Kung, Political Deputy Minister of Ministry of the Interior  Mr. Jing-Qun Hua, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science and TechnologyMr. Yu-Chin Hsu, Minister of MOEA Mr. Jong-Chin Shen, Deputy Minister of National Development Council  Mr. Cheng-Mount Cheng, Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City  Mr. Ming-Ji Wu, Legislator of Legislative Yuan Ms. Karen Yu, Legislator of Legislative Yuan Ms.Sun-Ling Lu, Deputy Director-General of SMEA, MOEA  Ms. Betty Hu, Representative of Canadian Trade Office in Taipei Mr.Jordan Reeves, Chairman of ITRI Mr.Chih-Kung Lee, Chairman of TCA Mr.Tzu-Hsien Tung, and several contributors were invited to present this wonderful event.


【Driving Startups through Industrial Advantages

24701First of all, the deputy mayor of New Taipei City Ming-Ji Wu mentioned that about 23% of Taiwan’s manufacturing industry is concentrated in New Taipei City, which is a veritable manufacturing town. In addition, in terms of startup, the New Taipei City Government has tried their best to promote various projects, in addition to the establishment of the first startup accelerator created by the local government, “Innosquare”, integrating of resources across the bureau, and linking with Startup Terrace. Hoping to attract international startup teams through the above advantages, also improve the local development.


【International Networking is the key point

Minister of MOEA Mr. Jong-Chin Shen and Political Deputy Minister of Ministry of the Interior  Mr. Jing-Qun Hua took the international networking as the core topic, in addition to explaining how the Athlete’s Village of Taipei Summer Universiade was transformed into a startup cluster. And said, AI, IoT, 5G, big data, and medical industry are the main directions in the future, and happy to announce that Startup Terrace already attracted 132 startups and international accelerators from 10 countries to station. Hoping Startup Terrace becomes a major international entrepreneurial cluster in Asia through connected from international technology, capital, and resources.


【Startup Terrace just the beginning

24722President of the Executive Yuan Mr. Tseng-Chang Su said that the Executive Yuan is committed to creating a more favorable startup environment through policies such as “Digital Country, Innovative Economy” and “Optimizing New Investment Action Plan”, and also create the financial supervision sandbox to allow entrepreneurs have more way to achieve their goal. He also mentioned that through the integration of national resources, connecting with various ministries, it has already successfully integrated youth entrepreneurship into social housing and became an international new cluster. But this is just the beginning. The “Startup Corridor" will be the ultimate goal. Through the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises, Startup Terrace will be linked with Asia Silicon Valley, ITRI and Taipei Arena. Hoping can encourage more international startups to Taiwan and drives Taiwan’s industrial transformation with innovative energy.


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