STARTBOARD @ TACC+ 2020 Demo Day

Taiwan has built a strong environment for startups over the past few decades, and devoted to strengthening the international connections in recent years. As the latest sizable international accelerator in Taiwan, Taiwan Accelerator Plus (TAcc+ ) not only provides start-up-related assistance for startup companies but creates an “advanced industry strategic implementation platform” for them. This year, TAcc+ Demo day was held on 15th July 2020 at Linkou Startup Terrace, and it mainly focuses on IoT and Healthcare. It supports those startups through 3 stages, which are open innovation, strategic entrepreneurship, and customer development edge. TAcc+ has already served more than 100 startup teams, the services include problem determination, plan to consult, and more. By doing so, it helps those startups systematically find out their own developmental, profitable business models, and make them more growth-oriented companies in the future.

Nowadays, the government has been paying more attention to the issue of innovative industries in order to create a dynamic startup ecosystem in Taiwan and built up Taiwan as a startup hub in Asia. However, the unpredictable economic damage from the COVID-19 pandemic changes people’s lifestyles and business behavior dramatically. Nevertheless, it is also an opportunity to encourage these startups to focus on medical and technology as their developmental goals. This year, there were 30 startup teams participating in this event which include Digital Transformation, Intelligent Manufacturing, Living Technology, etc. TAcc+ invited many wonderful mentors as investors that can help to solve funding bottlenecks. These talented startups displayed their products in the exhibition and pitched to investors, speaking about their products’ strength, business model, competitors, and how to build up their entry barrier to create market segmentation. Several startups have remarkable achievements, for they have already cooperated with big companies. Although some companies focus on the domestic market, some of the enterprises said that they plan on entering Southeast Asia countries as their key development goal.

This year, STARTBOARD also joined TAcc+ DEMO day. We are excited to hear those brand new ideas and meet up those clever people with brilliant thoughts in this grant event. For example, Sounds Great and Yallvend, two startups who have collaborated with STARTBOARD, also participated in TAcc+ Demo Day.

【Sounds Great- Revolution of audiphone】


Sounds Great is committed to improve the functions of traditional audiphones based on classical semiconductor technology. The technology not only can make the devices more energy efficient but also can better up the quality of audiphones. Moreover, this technology can reduce the cost of producing audiphones and lower the price, which creates a win-win situation for both producers and consumers. STARTBOARD provided Sounds Great patent consulting in Taiwan. Aside from collaborating with Sounds Great.

【Yallvend- Upgrading the vending machine only requires a simple device】


STARTBOARD also met the old friend- Yallvend in the event. Yallvend is a startup that sells an up-graded vending machines module, and this module can combine mobile payment and cloud management systems with the machine. The technology bestows the consumers who want to use the traditional vending machines with the convenience of paying without cash easily . Until now, their device has already entered Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, four Southeast Asia countries.


Apart from the above two companies, we also made connection with other startups who have joined the DEMO Day, sharing new ideas and exchanging information with each other. We always devote ourselves to help Taiwanese startups expanding to ASEAN-India markets by providing legal services, talent matching, company set up strategy tutoring, and so on. We are always here to help people making their dream come true.



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