【Red Dot Design – The Theory Behind Award-winning Designs】

We were honored to invite Joy Cheng, the Red Dot Design Award official representative of Taiwan, to share her knowledge with STARTBOARD and our startup teams on the topic of “How to use brand design to enhance your brand value.”

🎨Unlike art, #design needs to be more #understandable, #feasible, and #practicable. When it comes to a company brand, it consists of both. Every successful brand image is built on the foundation of art and design works.

Joy Cheng pointed out that most successful marketing campaigns have fluent design thinking structures throughout their design processes. Two important components of user experience-oriented design are “#Attract, #Engage, #Extend” and “#Icon, #Function, #Story.” The core purpose is ultimately to solve the problem of “How do we attract our customers so they engage with our products?”

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