【Webinar event- Expand your own business to Thailand】

Sincerely thanks 資策會 invited STARTBOARD to organize this event together and share the tips of Thai entrepreneurship with Taiwanese start-ups who want to develop locally.

👨‍💼In this webinar event, we are honored to invite the Chairman of Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand- Stanley Kang, Managing Partner of Louis Management Consultant (國萬泰國法律顧問公司)- Raymond Yu and STARTBOARD Thailand Office-Director- Randy Lin as a mentor to share Thailand’s entrepreneurial advantages and how foreign companies develop in Thailand.

🇹🇭Chairman of JFCCT- Stanley Kang analyzed from an economic perspective how the Thai market has changed under the impact of the epidemic. By explaining the current Thai policy and trend, that startups can use the “business transformation" and follow the Thai trend, let startups can find the perfect balance between health and economics.

⚖Managing Partner of Louis Management Consultant- Raymond used law as a topic, sharing that Taiwanese companies need to know when they start business in Thailand, such as intellectual property, trademark establishment, and local partner holdings, so startups can compare information through risk assessment and compliance.

🕵‍♂STARTBOARD Thailand Office-Director- Randy Lin focused on the industrial side. By explaining the habits of Thai consumers and the characteristics of various industries, that startups can gradually understand the Thai market, and can formulate corresponding business strategies based on the localization of business models.

Through this event, we hope we can keep bringing the latest Thailand’s entrepreneurial environment and advantages to potential Taiwanese startups.



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