2030 Global Brands Summit

STARTBOARD is honored to attend 2030 Global Brands Summit. This Forum was talking about the planning for Taiwan’s future prosperity. In the following 10 years, Taiwan not only focuses on upgrading Taiwan’s industry but optimizing the innovative industrial investment environment.

The summit invited distinguished guests to share their point of view, includes Chairman of GBMA #全球品牌管理協會會), Louis Chen, Legislator, Fan Yun, Head of Audit of #KPMG, Jeff Chen, Director General of Dep. Of Industrial Development of National Development Council #國家發展委員會會), Mr. Fang-Guan Jan and Deputy Director General Ms. Qiong-Hua, Chen, President of #ITRI, Mr. Edwin Liu, Chairman of #TSC, Mr. Zhi-Hui Guo, President of #TINVA, Mr. Ji-Zu Gao.

It was an insightful panel discussion to hear from the market leaders, government officers, and professors to share their point of view on capital market 2.0, portray the future, and connect the organizations with the central government. Mr. Jan highlighted that it will be more complex to handle the issue in the future.



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