【 2020.10.19 WINWIN to the Future 贏地創新育成基地開幕式與成果展示 (下午場 國際新創交流活動) 】

The digital business is booming in recent years since a lot of people are looking to enter the ASEAN market. And the Thai market is one of the most desirable countries for Taiwanese startups and SMEs。
We STARTBOARD and the founder of Daione were glad to visits Tainan with the 臺南創業育成在贏地 Tainan WinWin incubator . During this event, they shared how they expand their business internationally.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic recession is happening around the world. These startups came up with different solutions to pivot their business. Daione transformed their global marketing strategy to domestic marketing from the tourism industry to cross-border e-commerce sales.

Also, the event have invited three VCs to start a one-on-one meeting with the local startup team. The professional 15-minute consultation sessions provided by 創夢市集 DIT Startup, 識富天使新創加速計畫 and 聯合報 . And they guide the startups from business model, customer analysis, marketing techniques, technology integration, market competitor analysis to fundraising suggestions, etc. They unreservedly impart their accumulated experience over the years to every startups , so make every entrepreneur has earn a lot.

This is the event for the International workshop series from 臺南創業育成在贏地 (WINWIN Incubator) . They not only provides several entrepreneurial assistance, but also local and central entrepreneurial resources. They plan to become the cradle of innovation and technology in Tainan in near future.



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