【We are here- 2020 Yushan Forum: Asian Dialogue For Innovation And Progress】

It is a great honor for STARTBOARD to participate in the 2020 Yushan Forum as one of the keynote speakers. We talk about “Forging A Resilient Future Together”
Geographically, ASEAN countries are adjacent to Taiwan, but most Taiwanese do not have a deep understanding of our neighboring countries.

Regional cooperation in Asia is a powerful move to forge a resilient future TOGETHER and overcome the global challenges together in the midst of the pandemic and severe international problems. One of STARTBOARD’s core values ​​is hastening international cooperation and building an entrepreneur-friendly ecosystem for foreigners in Taiwan.

In the panel, Uniform Lin, STARTBOARD CEO, mentioned a point of view as a startup incubator contributor and how we spark innovative ideas to solve global challenges. From our experiences, we understand the gap between an idea and a global solution.
At last, we are grateful to 臺灣亞洲交流基金會 Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation for the invitation.

Through the powerful influence of Yushan Forum, we hope our talk would inspire others to rethink about our startup ecosystem and know how we could co-nurture those startups together.
We wish when the next billion-dollar and global problem-solving idea is born, we can guide them, bring that idea to the global stage, and create value to the society.

(Photo Credit: 臺灣亞洲交流基金會 Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation )



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