2020 New Taipei City Startups exchange event

✈Many companies face the dilemma of not being able to expand their business scale after the growth period. In order to solve this kind of problem. Yesterday, It’s our honored to organize the event with New Taipei City government (來趣新北金發局) and Startup Terrace. Let startups understand the prerequisite knowledge of entrepreneurship, and arrange for startups (Acxport 動動無限運動職人專業媒合, Alion 日本 生活 資訊 趨勢, etc) to display products on the spot to get each other opportunities for cross-industry exchanges.

🧑‍💼Also,Sincerely invited Assistant Vice President of SAGA China Mangement Company (#國聯創投)- Ms. Susie Hong, Accountant of ChengJiun CAPs & Associates (#城鈞聯合會計師事務所) – Mr. Jim and Our CEO- Mr. Uniform sharing three themes that the startup team cares about (How to edit an investment briefing, How do startups plan their finances, and Patent layout of startups).
Hope through this event and networking, the startups can absorb relevant knowledge and create cooperation opportunities.



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