How to use digital tools to expand Singapore market

Last Wednesday, we sincerely invited the founder of QSearch(Instant Search)– Mr. Shih-En Chou. QSearch uses social big data to help customer comprehensively analyze the behavior of global Facebook users, the most simple and intuitive system operation can be done at one time from finding audiences, understanding audiences, choosing community leaders, and promoting brand influence. In this event, Mr. Shih-En Chou sharing how did they expand the Singapore market and advantage (EX: Tax incentives & Startup subsidy, etc). Meanwhile, they use digital tools as a topic, analyzing the digital tools of each business model, (#B2B➡️ Google Trends, #B2C➡️Community trend analysis). You can use these digital tools to understand local wording, analyze the relationship between competing products and local market needs. Also, understanding what local KOL are focusing on. In the end, you can use this information to draw up the most suitable local business marketing plan.


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