INDIAN STARTUP NIGHT- Development and risk assessment of Indian startups in Taiwan

Last Friday, we are glad to organized this event with WORKSPOT Taipei and 海華文教基金會 (Overseas Compatriot Culture and Education Foundation ), and it’s honored to invited The founder of Three Idiots Restaurant】- Andy Singh Arya and【Legal consultant of Louis International Patent Office】-Arpita Dutta, served as guest speakers.

👨‍🍳Andy sharing how he become an entrepreneur, and encourage the audiences “believe what you are doing”. This is the key for the entrepreneur who will be success.

👩‍💼Arpita used risk assessement as topic, analyzing what kind of barriers or issues will the foreign entrepreneur faced, when they starting business in Taiwan (EX: Funding, Laws & Visa, etc). Let the audience know the risks of starting a business in Taiwan, In order to develop a more comprehensive business strategy.

🏣Sincerely thanks WORKSPOT Taipei organized this event together, and provided the wonderful space, if you are startups seeking an office, WORKSPOT Taipei location in the middle of Taipei city, you can easily get there by #MRT. WORKSPOT Taipei might be your best solution.


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