Startup Investment Platform Cooperation

We are honored to establish an official partnership with 華陽創投 , which is closely linked with Taiwan’s entrepreneurial environment and assists the government in planning value-added new business strategy.

To facilitate more opportunities for startup investment, STARTBOARD will support the investment matching platform STARTUP 101(新創101) with 華陽創投 . Startups and investors can register on the platform to get further access to potential investment opportunities and exposure. As a startup looking for investment opportunities, you can:
✔ Introduce your company and products/ services
✔ Determine the amount of investment you are looking for
✔ Make the announcement with your contact info
✔ Connect with investors who are interested in your startup

If you are interested in joining the platform, please contact STARTBOARD to earn the value-added services. You will be granted:
📌 Professional instruction and advice from investment managers
📌 Customized assistant service for your pitch deck
This is definitely an ideal chance to obtain more attention from investors and explore more investment opportunities for your business.

Explore and join STARTUP 101 to seek more opportunities:

Contact us with your business plan/ ideas or when you have a problem:
Startup 101


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