Foreign Student Entrepreneurship Workshop @NCTU

If you are a foreign student who wants to stay in Taiwan after graduation, you might think about finding a job in Taiwan, but have you ever think about you can “start a business", too.

Founding a Startup and building business seems difficult and you might doubt if you have all the necessary qualifications for the task. You have heard about the failure of startups and don’t know if it’s worth to try it yourself. But did you know that most people don’t even try and instead just live with the thought of “what if I had”?

This time, we are glad to cooperate with #NCTUOIA (#國立陽明交通大學國際事務處). During the event, we share how to solve the barrier (visa, language, resource, etc) to achieve the startup dream. Hoping after this event, we can encourage more and more foreign students think about “#STARTUP”, might be one of the choice.


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